Waffle House Employee Expertly Deflects A Chair Thrown At Her During A Wild Brawl

Waffle House

Waffle House employees are a different breed, man.

When you walk into a Waffle House you just know the person serving you your hash browns has seen some shit. Because let’s be honest, the wild shit you see at a Waffle House is part of the experience – and the charm – of going to the Waffle House in the first place.

But if you’re going to WORK at Waffle House, you’ve got to be built different.

And one employee at an Austin, Texas Waffle House is going viral after proving that she’s got what it takes.

A video shared on Twitter on December 22 – but that was actually captured last year – shows a wild brawl at the Waffle House in Austin. What starts out as a customer having an argument with an employee, allegedly over slow service, turns into an all-out royal rumble. Customers are jumping over the counter, plates are flying, line cooks and waitresses are throwing haymakers…all while the guy recording just wanted some waffles.

But one part of the brawl in particular has captured the attention of the internet.

Towards the end of the video, we see one of the customers pick up a chair and launch it over the counter at a Waffle House employee (who looks like she’s already been through a few rounds in the ring).

The chair was no match for this employee though, as she expertly deflects the heavy metal chair that’s flying at her head, knocking it out of the air with a look in her eye like she’s ready to jump back in the scrum.

Remember what I said about these people being built different?

Well the internet has fallen in love with the Waffle House waitress with the quick reflexes.

And even Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, weighed in with admiration at the woman’s skills:

Waffle House employees. Clearly the heroes of 2022.

They’re just a different breed.

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