I Totally Forgot Wes Bentley, AKA Jamie Dutton From ‘Yellowstone,’ Was In ‘The Hunger Games’

Wes Bentley

I have a confession to make.

I’d like to consider myself a pretty big movie guy. However, there’s one movie series in particular that I’ve put off watching for quite some time, and it’s only arguably the most popular movies of the 2010s…

The Hunger Games.

I know, I know, shame on me (I didn’t read the book either…)

But, nevertheless, I finally decided to flip it on a few nights ago, and what do ya know, the first movie was as good as advertised, although I still have to watch the rest.

However, I was kind of shocked when I recognized one of the first characters to appear in the movie…

It was no other than Wes Bentley, who plays the troubled adopted son Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone.

In the movie, Bentley plays the game maker Seneca Crane, and he appears in the very first scene discussing the Hunger Games in front of a large crowed, sporting probably the strangest beard I’ve ever seen (although everybody is dressed weird in the movie).

Throughout the movie, Bentley’s character is in charge of overseeing the game, adding obstacles and new challenges for the competitors.

And for all of you Yellowstone fans out there, then you already know that Bentley’s character Jamie plays a massive role in season five.

Although he’s back with his family, he still holds an incredible amount of jealousy towards his father, John, after he gets elected governor of Montana, a position he’s always dreamed of.

Now, Sarah Atwood from Market Equities has him wrapped around his finger, and may use him as an opportunity to take down the Dutton family for once and for all. Although Jamie says he is pretty convinced she’s manipulating him, he’s been all ears so far.

Needless to say, it’ll be interesting to see if Jamie continues down this path, or decides to stick with the Duttons and not lot Market Equities take over.

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