The Internet Refuses To Believe This Youth Football Player With A Mustache & Tattoos Is 12 Years Old

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I’ll never forget the scene in Benchwarmers, where a little league team brought in a dude who looked like he was 35 with three kids and a mortgage.

And when one of the coaches asked to see his birth certificate, it was simply a piece of white paper with the words “I AM 12” written in Crayon.

Needless to say, that’s the first thing I thought of the second I saw this kid popping up on the internet…

Let me introduce you to Jeremiah Johnson, a 12-year-old who won 12U MVP honors at the Youth National Championships in Miami recently.

But the thing is, this kid looks like he could be in college, as he’s rocking a mustache, tattoos on his left forearm, and looks like he’s already been through puberty three times over.

It even looks like his hairline is already receding.

Just see for yourself:

I mean, there’s now way this kid is actually 12, right? How was he even able to get tattoos at 12-years-old?

You would think that the Youth National Championships would have a very strict age verification process, so I’m gonna go ahead and say this is completely legit.

If he actually is 12, I feel horrible for the kids he goes up against.

Seriously, it would take all 11 players on defense to bring down this kid, considering almost all of them are probably half his size.

As we await full confirmation on Johnson’s age, the internet has been going absolutely bonkers over him:

Watch him railroad the poor kids that he’s playing against:

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