WATCH: Johnny Cash & Elton John Switch Costumes During Hilarious 1982 ‘Saturday Night Live’ Appearance

Johnny Cash

We all know and love Johnny Cash as one of the greatest country artists to ever walk this planet.

Not to mention, his polarizing and conflicting personalities made himself one of the most interesting artists in the whole music industry.

Although he had a tough exterior at times, the Man In Black wasn’t afraid to cut loose and make the crowd laugh out loud during his shows, and we’ve even seen it in music videos and interviews.

And one of those examples came in 1982, when Cash introduced another legend, none other than Elton John, on Saturday Night Live.

At the time, Cash was only two years removed from his induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame, and John was trying to make his way back to the top after his Jump Up! album, that was a bit of a flop by Elton’s standards.

However, this was no ordinary introduction…

Elton John is not only one of the greatest artists the music industry has ever seen, but he was also known for his wild, flamboyant costumes that he would wear while performing on stage.

So the duo decided to play a little joke on the crowd, as Cash wore one of John’s pink feathered costumes and big glasses while introducing the music legend.

It was pretty hilarious, considering Cash was known for his all black attire he would wear whenever he was out in public.

But it didn’t end there…

Because as soon as John began to perform, he was dressed up in Cash’s iconic black leather jacket, along with a black cowboy hat.

He then proceeded to sing “Ball & Chain” and “Empty Garden.”

It’s pretty hilarious to see, considering you’d never see the two wearing these types of clothing on their own.

At the end of the day, it’s pretty awesome to see two different styles and personalities collide, especially back when SNL was at its funniest.

Check it out:


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