New Jersey Man Hangs Motorized Mannequin From The Roof To Replicate The ‘Christmas Vacation’ Scene, Gets The Fire Department Called On Him

Christmas vacation

The perfect Christmas prank doesn’t exi…

December is officially here, and last night, I was scrolling through the TV channels, to find that the iconic National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie was on.

I’ll admit, the movie is arguably the most quotable Christmas comedy of all time, and Chevy Chase is an absolute star in this one, playing the legendary Clark Griswold.

And one of the most iconic scenes in the movie (even though they’re all hilarious), is when Clark nearly falls off the roof, and is hanging onto the gutter for dear life.

With that being said, this led me back to remembering one of the greatest Christmas pranks I’ve ever seen in my 24 years on this planet.

Let’s get to it…

One guy thought it would be a hilarious idea to recreate the scene at his own home in Oceanport, New Jersey.

However, he didn’t use a real person…

The man took a Michael Myers mannequin he used for Halloween, and put a motor on the inside of the legs to make them swing back and forth, as well as a recording of somebody screaming “HELP.”

He hung the mannequin from his roof, and let it run.

Needless to say, it’s absolutely insane how real this looks. Imagine walking your dog or something when you see a dude hanging onto his roof for dear life, screaming for help at the top of his lungs…

Just to find out it’s not a real person at all.

Perhaps the funniest part of the clip is the end, when the fire department showed up to the home to save the “guy.” You can see the confusion on all of the firemens’ faces.

Don’t try this at home, folks… Karen from the Homeowner’s Association might try to get yer ass locked up.

Suburban Chicago Family Builds Incredible ‘Stranger Things’ Halloween Display

With all of this talk about hilarious holiday pranks, I must admit, this one right here may have all the others beat…

For all of us Stranger Things fans, probably the freakiest scenes in all of Season Four was when Vecna murdered those in the Upside Down.

Ya know, their eyes go blank, and they float up into the sky and then every bone in their body snaps?

Terrifying stuff, especially when it happens to one of the main characters, Max.

With that being said, one Plainfield, Illinois, family decided to bring the scene to life this Halloween, as they created a mind-boggling dummy that looks like Max, who floats in the air.

Seriously, with no wires or strings attached.

The family opened the attraction this past weekend, leaving visitors and fellow neighbors in awe of how they could possibly pull this off.

The house received a whopping 1,500 visitors on Saturday, and around another thousand on Sunday.

However, one family in particular was not too happy about the creepy yet awesome decoration and all of the attention it was bringing to the neighborhood, according to FOX 23 Chicago.

The family says the wild decoration took around 1,500 hours to build, and is the fourth year in a row they’ve gone all out with Halloween decorations.

They added that they asked others in the neighborhood for support, and received it months ago.

Except, one of the neighbors came knocking on their door on Sunday night, upset about the decoration, so the family decided to call it quits right then and there.

Aubrey Appel, the homeowner of the floating Max decoration, told the outlet:

“We went to bed, posted about it that we were closed permanently. And Monday morning we woke up and the incredible amount of support that we saw from our community, from people who don’t live here, from people around the world that were like don’t do that. That’s, that’s crazy.

Don’t you know you’re doing something awesome. Don’t let one person ruin it. So, we kind of changed our minds a little bit.”

The family is willing to fight to keep the decoration alive through Halloween, and they’re going to City Hall in Joliet to see if everything they’re doing is legal and proper.

Appel continued:

“You just want to do something for the community, for the kids to come and see and be like, ‘Oh my god. Look at that. That’s so cool!’”

I mean c’mon. This is the coolest Halloween decoration I’ve ever seen in my 24 years, but one Karen out there is trying to ruin all of the fun…

The no-fun neighbor said the display was “bringing negative attention to the neighborhood, endangering the community’s children, and making the neighborhood the target of possible home invasions.”

Wherever a good time is  happening, there’s always someone looking to shut it down.

Keep on fightin’ the good fight, Aubrey.

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