Wildland Fire Fighters Pull Two Fawns Out Of Burning Forest

firemen rescue

These fellas do it all.

Save our towns, forests and animals. Really, wildland fire fighting is one badass job. These people really get thrown in to some of the craziest situations that can happen in North America.

I’ve been on a few forest fires through my time and I will be the first to tell you, it can be very intense at times. Seeing flames swallow the forest in minutes and moves miles in a night. The noises and sights are indescribable to people who haven’t witnessed them.

These people work long days and weird hours to work with the fire. Sometimes that calls for work all night when the fire is least active to be able to make some ground on it and possibly get ahead to prevent it going any farther.

These fires are relentless. They will swallow up and torch anything in their paths with no mercy whatsoever.

Although fires are a natural disturbance they can highly impact human activity. We need to watch and manage them and prevent large fires when we can so that we are safe and the things in the forest are too.

This video shows a group of fire fighters working the night shift.

They came a cross some deer fawns in amongst the active fire. Being the kind souls that they are, they took the time to relocate the animals to give them a better chance of survival.

“While combatting the Goodwin Fire Friday evening the Flagstaff Hotshots found two deer fawns in danger of being impacted by the flames.

The Hotshots carried the fawns out of harm’s way and transferred them to a nearby unaffected habitat so they could be reunited with their mother.”

These are some pretty awesome folks.

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