Illinois Raising Cane’s Decorates Their Restaurant Just Like Clark Griswold’s House in ‘Christmas Vacation’

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“That’s the gift that keeps on givin’, Clark.”

We all know and love National Lampoons: Christmas Vacation as one of the most hilarious and most quotable Christmas movies of all time.

Chevy Chase absolutely killed it with this 1989 classic, and it’s definitely on my “Mount Rushmore” of Christmas movies.

We’ve seen tons of people try to replicate Clark Griswold’s (Chase) iconic decorated house on the movie.

You know, when he decorates every square inch of the house with Christmas lights, so much so that the whole city of Chicago loses power when he turns them on for the first time.

With that being said, Chase is ready to bring that Clark Griswold Christmas spirit back once again, by decorating a whole Raising Cane’s fast food restaurant just like the movie, according to TMZ.

The actor teamed up with Todd Graves on Tuesday night to unveil the Christmas decoration replica at the Raising Cane’s in the Chicago suburb of Morton Grove, Illinois.

On top of that, Chase got to turn the lights on himself, just like Griswold did.

The Cane’s location has more than 13,000 lights, a Santa Claus, reindeer and sleigh, the whole nine-yards.

A crowd of more than 500 people were there to witness the lighting, including a number of Christmas carolers and a marching band.

Chevy and Todd also drove off in Griswold’s legendary wood-paneled “Queen Family Truckster” station wagon, just like in the movie.

Man, all they need now is Aunt Bethany singing the National Anthem as a shooting star flies over.

Gotta love it:

And of course, relive the original scene:

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A beer bottle on a dock