Liver King Breaks Silence After Allegations Of Steroid Use: “Complicated As F*ck Topic”

Liver King

Yesterday, news broke that the fitness influencer Liver King, who swears that he got shredded off his nine ancestral ways of life philosophy that involves intense workouts, and a diet of raw meats and organs, has allegedly just been taking steroids this whole time.

Here’s my shocked face…

Derek from the YouTube channel More Pilates More Dates exposed Liver King (whose real name is Brian Johnson), as he leaked an alleged email from Johnson to a body building coach that listed all of the steroids he uses, from IGF, CJC, Omnitrope, Decca, Winstrol, and Test cyp.

All of that together running the Liver King over $10,000 a month.

If this email is authentic (and it looks like it is), then he’s gonna be in some hella hot water, considering he allegedly makes roughly $100 million a year pushing products and supplements, all while he says he naturally transformed his body through his lifestyle.

Not to mention, he’s probably convinced a good many people to make lifestyle changes, spending time and money, under false pretense.

With that being said, Liver King talked to Rolling Stone and a number of other outlets, releasing a rather vague statement about the controversy, refusing to confirm or deny the allegations, but request a longform podcast interview:

“In a weird way, I’m grateful for the recent events that have shed light on this complicated-as-f*ck topic.

I model, teach and preach a simple, elegant solution called ‘Ancestral Living’—The 9 Ancestral Tenets—so our people no longer have to suffer… so we can collectively express our highest and most dominant form! This is my fight!”

In a recent Instagram story video, he also shared that he’s:

“Grateful for guys sitting on the couch making reaction videos surfacing new information that’s going to lead to some goddamn good discussion.”

I guess we’ll be finding out if Liver King is actually going to discuss the allegations or not, but for now, he’s busy playing with birds in Mongolia.

Meanwhile the comments are pretty mixed on his latest Instagram post, with many calling for some honesty and an apology, and others, loyally supporting their “Liver King.”


Here’s the full video outing him as a juicer:

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