Morgan Wallen Releases Heartfelt New Music Video With His Mama For Current Single, “Thought You Should Know”

Morgan Wallen country music

Morgan Wallen dropped a brand new music video just in time for Thanksgiving.

A tribute to his mama Lesli, “Thought You Should Know” was actually released on Mother’s Day earlier this year and is Morgan’s current single at country radio.

A co-write with Miranda Lambert and Nicolle Galyon, the song itself features a pretty simple production and some fantastic lyrics in the form of a letter or message to his mom, after Morgan realizes how long it’s been since he’s been home.

He admits that he’s been making some bad decisions and chasing things he shouldn’t, and wants to reassure her that “all those prayers… finally made their way through”:

“I thought you should know
That all those prayers you thought you wasted on me

Must’ve finally made their way on through
I thought you should know
I got me a new girl down in Jefferson City, and
She lets me fish whenever I want to

Yeah, I’m still proud of where I came from
Still your only damn son
Can you believe I’m on the radio?
Just thought you should know”

And the music video, which is out as of this morning, includes some adorable home videos of Morgan with his mom when he was a little boy, showing some sweet moments from his childhood growing up in east Tennessee.

He shared a clip of the video in a post on Instagram, wishing fans a happy Thanksgiving and thanking them for making this year so special for him.

He added that he’s most thankful for “my family, my mama, and our good Lord”:

“Hope y’all have a Happy Thanksgiving. Wanted to remind y’all how grateful I am for you, for my family, my mama and our good Lord. y’all have really made this a special year for me…

Heres the vid for Thought You Should Know.”

It’s a perfect video for the song, which is easily one of my favorite’s he’s ever released.

You also see Morgan’s mom watching on as he plays the song on set for the video, and it’s obvious how much they mean to each other, and I think it’s really sweet he included her in the video in this way.

Nobody’s ever gonna love you like your mama, as the saying goes, and I think this captures the deep love and admiration Morgan has for her perfectly. And I mean, what more could a mom really ask for?

Make sure you check it out on this Thanksgiving holiday… but you might wanna grab a couple tissues before you hit play:

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