Kayak Fisherman Lands Big Ol’ Halibut Off The Coast Of Alaska

Fisherman halibut

Now there is just something about someone fishing in a kayak in the ocean that’s different.

A massive waterbody with creatures big enough to swallow you and the boat you’re in… it just seems more intense. Then to go after large fish, it seems pretty crazy.

There’s potential to get pulled all over the place and at the end of it, when you get the fish to surface, how do you deal with it from a kayak?

A man fishing Steamboat Bay, off the coast of Alaska, found that out.

The video starts and you can see another boat, much larger, and the shore line.

“Alright, I’m getting a bite, I’m getting a bite, let him eat, let him eat. Alright guys, big fish on, big fish on.”

The man radios to someone the situation, clearly safety was thought of prior to hooking into a monster out in the ocean on a small kayak.

“Oh yeah, going on a sleigh ride, this is a big one.”

The video continues and the fish finally surfaces. The man fishing and the folks on the boat are all excited and for obvious reasons. The Halibut on the end of his line has to be half the size at least of his boat at first glance.

The fish continues to fight him, he gets it into the boat a couple times abut it keeps going for a run.

The man and the others ponder the best way for him to land it, they come up with a plan as he is still reeling it in.

Finally, the camera view switches as someone from the boat films.

The man reels it in close and the fish decides it has no more fight. The fisherman grabs it by the gill plate and hauls it up onto the kayak with some grunts and moans.

“67-inches, close to 100-pounds. Over? Over 100 pounds. Man, I was wondering if I was going to be able to get him the boat but we managed.”

Impressive all around. To catch a fish like this is one thing, to do it all by yourself, in a kayak in the ocean is a whole other animal and really he made it look pretty easy.

According to the fisherman himself, he was on a mission to catch some big ones:

“As far as I knew, there were no official kayak fishing operations in Alaska that had any type of quality kayaks, and I could not find any footage of big game fish landed from kayaks in the area.

So I gathered a team and set off with the mission of catching a massive halibut from a kayak and exploring the effectiveness and viability of setting up a kayak fishing division at the lodge”

We greatly exceeded all of our expectations by landing this massive 160+ pound halibut on our first day fishing close to the lodge.”

Gotta love it.

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