Kevin Costner Opens Up On Supporting Liz Cheney: “She Wasn’t Going To Win… But I Appreciated Her Brave, Clear-Headed Stance”

Yellowstone Kevin Costner

Yellowstone Season Five’s premiere is only three days away, and the anticipation has been through the roof since they released the official trailer back in September…

And it’s mainly because we learn that John Dutton has been elected governor of Montana, which could present a whole new storyline and heap of problems for the Dutton family.

With that being said, Kevin Costner, who plays John Dutton on the show, is weighing in on John’s new appointment as governor, and needless to say, ol’ John isn’t the happiest of the bunch.

Costner shared with USA Today:

“I know how hard it’s going to be on him. His heart is at the ranch, not trying to find middle ground with people. That’s going to be problematic. He has a lane that he operates in that is not as expansive as some would want it to be. And he won’t change.”

“It’s like being in school versus being in recess. Where would you rather be? He thinks most clearly on his horse.”

Costner also shared if he would ever think about running for office at some point in real life:

“No, I don’t think there’s any reason for me to run, though I wish the people that did run had a bigger vision and more of a morality about how they see the country evolving. I’m disappointed.”

Of course, we just had real elections this past week, but Kevin made headlines back in August when he posed in a t-shirt supporting Liz Cheney, upsetting a number of pro-Trump Republicans.

Liz Cheney (the eldest daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney) was Republican representative in the state of Wyoming who was seeking re-election against a challenge from Harriet Hageman, who was backed by former President, Donald Trump.

Following January 6th, Cheney denounced her support for President Trump, and it’s not hard to see why that might be a problem for her re-election, with Wyoming being one of the most supportive states of the former President. She is also vice chairwoman of the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th riot at the Capitol building.

Hageman defeated Cheney in the primary, and this past Tuesday, went on to win Wyoming’s lone House seat.

By supporting Cheney, Costner pissed off a lot of fans, and now that she lost, he was asked if he regrets supporting her:

“Just because you lose doesn’t mean you’re done; it doesn’t mean you’re even wrong. I was clear that (Cheney) probably wasn’t going to win her election. But I wanted to let her know, as a citizen, how much I appreciated her brave, clear-headed stance.”

Costner also briefly discussed the success of Yellowstone over the past four seasons, and how he doesn’t get caught up in the hype:

“I’m not naïve; I’m aware that it’s a No. 1 show. You’re always happy when something’s received well. I’ve had things that I thought were pretty good that weren’t exactly hits. But you cannot be driven by the ratings; you just appreciate that there’s an audience.”

He also weighed in on if he’ll be involved in a possible sixth season of Yellowstone:

“I was only going to do one season, but I’ve done this many. I give everything I can to what I’m doing. But the moment I feel that it’s not right, I’m just going to step away.”

Yellowstone season five drops Sunday, November 13th at 8 PM ET.

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