Twitter Blasts Yellowstone Star Kevin Costner After He Backs Wyoming Republican Candidate Liz Cheney

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John Dutton making headlines.

It was recently revealed that Kevin Costner is the highest paid television actor on television with his whopping $1.3 million dollars per episode salary. And

Other actors in the Taylor Sheridan universe, Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford, are each making $1 million per episode for the upcoming prequel series 1923, and Sylvester Stallone, who is starring in Taylor Sheridan’s upcoming show Tulsa King, will also be making $1 million per episode.

But now, Costner is making headlines for a whole different reason.

Sporting a t-shirt that reads “I’m For Liz Cheney,” Costner just drew a political line in the sand.

She shared the photo with the caption:

“Real men put country over party.”

I mean, I can’t say I disagree with the “country over party sentiment.” We’d probably be a lot better off if politicians could put the good of the country over their own political party.

That being said, I don’t really have a damn clue about the political landscape of Wyoming, nor am I sure that this photo is even real. Costner doesn’t strike me as the type to wear a political t-shirt like that on the set. That being said, it would also be complete lunacy to doctor an endorsement photo… pretty sure that’s illegal.

Here’s what I do know… Liz Cheney (the eldest daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney) is Republican representative in the state of Wyoming who is seeking re-election against a challenge from Harriet Hageman, who is backed by former President, Donald Trump.

Following January 6th, Cheney denounced her support for President Trump, and it’s not hard to see why that might be a problem for her re-election, with Wyoming being one of the most supportive states of the former President. She is also vice chairwoman of the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th riot at the Capitol building.

With Donald Trump still having a pretty strong base of support, the die-hard Trump supporters of Wyoming might be more inclined to vote for Hageman, and the polls seem to indicate that as well.

And those same folks are also pretty pissed off at their favorite television cowboy, Kevin Costner.

Folks to took to Twitter to blast Costner for the shirt, calling him a fake cowboy, part of the Hollywood elite, and a hypocrite.

Costner has previously described himself as an independent. He endorsed Pete Buttigieg in the 2020 primary, however he has previously denounced former President Trump, but cautioned that all leaders should act in the best interest of the country.

He told the Daily Beast in 2020:

“I vote for who I think has the best interests of the country and how we sit in the world… The Democratic Party doesn’t represent everything that I think, and neither does the Republican Party right now…at all. So, I find it too limiting.”

Of course, Costner’s character on Yellowstone, John Dutton, will be running for Governor of Montana in Season 5… which us set to premiere on November 13th.

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