Wynonna Judd On Performing Without Her Late Mother Naomi Judd Now: “It Literally Is The Closest Thing To Being In Heaven”

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Wynonna Judd is currently out on the road honoring her mother on The Judd’s Farewell Tour.

Her mother, the late, great Naomi Judd and other half of iconic The Judd’s duo, tragically passed away back in April, and it has understandably a very traumatic and horrific time for both of Naomi’s daughters.

Wynonna decided it was best to honor her mother by continuing with the tour, which was announced before Naomi passed, and she even recently extended the dates into 2023, along with openers like Martina McBride and Ashley McBryde.

And she recently appeared on ABC News to talk about making the decision to continue on with her trek across the country, saying that it’s been a healing process for her more than anything else.

She noted that the fans have truly embraced her at every show, and while most people would probably much rather take a few months off after experiencing that kind of tragedy, it sounds like this might’ve been exactly what she needed after all:

“I just feel lifted up and it’s the greatest feeling, it’s the highest of high. I think I come off the floor. It’s like getting zapped with the Holy Spirit.

And It literally is the closest thing to being in Heaven. It’s like Heaven on earth.”

What an incredible outlook and attitude to have after experiencing something so tragic and horrific.

Wynonna also said that she believes Naomi’s legacy will live on in the way she always kept it real and loved people unconditionally:

“My mother’s legacy is obviously her songwriting, her ability to be wacky and to say what people are thinking. And she had a way of loving people that I’ve never seen before in my lifetime.

It’s gonna be shock to people, and I feel her on stage, especially during the songs that she’s written.”

She explained that singing the Judd’s 1990 hit “Love Can Build a Bridge” every night has also been a massive part of her healing process:

“‘Love Can Build A Bridge,’ she wrote it for the fans. She wrote it for the person without hope. Singing it for the fans, your mother wrote it for them, and yet it’s healing you… that’s ironic.

This song is both life and death for me. It’s a song that will forever be one of the most difficult days, and one of the greatest days, of my life, and that was when we sang it for the last time at the CMT Awards.”

And when she was asked what her mom would think about her continuing on with the tour, she joked that Naomi wouldn’t like how dark her lipstick is, but said she thinks she’d be really proud of her for showing up no matter what:

“What would my mom say about me continuing the tour? She would probably tell me my lipstick is too dark.

You know, I make jokes because she’s always been that way with me. I don’t know that it would be about the tour. I think she would tell me that she’s proud of me for showing up.

I think she would say, in the face of my death, you’re still willing to show up.”

Amen to that, Wynonna.

I’m sure Naomi is so proud watching her continue to sing and carry their incredible music to fans all over, spreading love to the people who have been with them and embraced them for so long.

And while you’re here, make sure you check out the aforementioned performance of their 1990 hit “Love Can Build A Bridge” at the 2022 CMT Music Awards in April, because it’s something special:

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