Video Of Peyton Manning Screaming At Jeff Saturday Goes Viral After Jeff Is Named Colts Interim Head Coach

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Nothing is better than a fired up Peyton Manning.

Super Bowl winner, Hall of Famer, Papa John’s aficionado, the ManningCast is phenomenal… I’m 100% sold on all things Peyton Manning these days.

Hell, I’m even looking forward to him hosting the CMA Awards this week (alongside Luke Bryan who will be his ManningCast guest tonight). Normally, I’d say the role should go to someone in the country music industry, but hey, I’m team Peyton all the way.

Insightful, approachable, hilarious, the Monday Night Football broadcasts alongside his brother Eli have everything you’re looking for, and you can just feel his passion for the game. Just watching the expressions on his face as a quarterback makes a shitty throw for an interception…. it’s like he takes other QB play personally, and I love it.

That long, ass-kissing introduction aside, Peyton has once again gone viral.

The Indianapolis Colts have officially fired head coach Frank Reich, and named longtime Colts center Jeff Saturday as the interim head coach.

Peyton and Jeff worked together for a number of years, and now Twitter is calling for Jeff to bring in Peyton as his Offensive Coordinator.

And this hilarious video of Peyton is why.

During a 2006 game against the Rams, Jeff was pissed off because the Colts weren’t running the ball, and Peyton wanted him to shut up and block.

Peyton screams:

“Hey, quit calling the f*cking plays, alright? When we pass block, BLOCK! We’ll run the ball, just play f*cking center.”

Eventually it all cools down and Peyton hilariously says to TE Dallas Clark, and WR Brandon Stokley, that he was mic’d up. It’s almost like he knew this moment was gonna be one for the history books.

Here’s the full clip with commentary:

Last year, Jeff Saturday told former Colts punter (and future interim special teams coach? Just kidding…) Pat McAfee about the sideline argument:

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