Watch Garth Brooks Cover Ashley McBryde’s “Girl Goin’ Nowhere” Back In 2017

Garth Brooks country music

Ashley McBryde is just the best.

I’m not sure she has ever put out a bad song, and with the recent release of her concept album Lindeville, I cannot get enough of her music.

While I love songs from her first album like “Fat and Famous” and “Redemption,” the titular song from McBryde’s second album is what helped to put her on the map.

Hearing that song for the first time is something special and so is watching her Grand Ole Opry performance of the song.

But with that song gaining popularity, we now thankfully have a whole bunch of bad quality concert videos of other performers covering the song.

One of those artists is Garth Brooks, who is one of the most recognizable country artists of all time. I’m convinced every single person knows at least one Garth song, and for most of those people, that song is “Friends in Low Places.”

But getting to see and hear this insanely popular artist sing Ashley McBryde’s defining song the year it released to a huge number of people is pretty awesome and satisfying.

The video quality . . . isn’t great. As with a lot of these concert vids.

Since the concert was in such a big venue and the person filming was in the nosebleed section, the only way we can even really see Garth Brooks is on the giant jumbotron hanging above the stadium.

The stage is huge though, and it is pretty fun to get a bird’s eye view of just how big it is.

Some of the audio is also hard to hear because the audience keeps cheering so loudly. Specifically when Garth shouts out the city he’s in and when some random dude decides to just shout “yeah” from the bottom of his gut at a random part of the song.

Still, it’s really awesome to hear him say McBryde’s name.

Plus, no matter how cheesy you think he may be, Garth Brooks has a fantastic voice, so the song just sounds great.

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