Yellowstone’s Jefferson White Hopes It Will Be “Smooth Sailing” For Jimmy In Season 5

Jefferson White Yellowstone

Gotta love Jimmy.

The loveable idiot of the Dutton Ranch, Jimmy Hurdstrom has blossomed from a low-life meth cook, to seasoned and competent cowboy at the Four Sixes ranch down in Texas.

But it took some work.

We essentially saw Jimmy get the piss knocked out of him for 3 seasons of Yellowstone before being sent off to the Four Sixes Ranch to learn how to be a real cowboy in Season 4.

And not only did he become a real cowboy, he found himself a fiancée.

So for Season 5, Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy on the hit show, is looking forward to some rest and relaxation now that things have seemingly calmed down for him.

At least that’s the hope, but as we know, life is never easy in Taylor Sheridan’s world.

He tells TV Line:

“He chose Emily, and he chose this new life in Texas… I cross my fingers that it’s smooth sailing for him because it’s a beautiful thing.

It’s the first time in his life he has a little bit of agency.”

One can only hope…

However, something tells me that won’t be the case for young Jimmy. Trouble seems to follow the cast of Yellowstone… and Jimmy more than most.

“There’s certainly more Jimmy in store… whether it’s Montana or Texas, you’ll have to wait and find out.”

The two-part Season 5 premiere airs on Sunday, November 13th, on Paramount Network.

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Travis’ Pep Talk Is The Most Underrated Scene Of Yellowstone Season 4

In Season 4 of Yellowstone, we got it all.

From badass action, to suspense, to sadness, and even humor, creator Taylor Sheridan did a great job of hitting every bit of emotion you have.

And with Season 5 coming up here in the next couple months, let’s take a look back at some of the best, worst, and most under appreciate moments of Season 4.

I think one of the funniest/deepest, and most underrated scenes in the whole show comes from Episode 4 of Season 4.

In the episode, we see Travis (who is actually played by Taylor Sheridan in case you didn’t know) taking Jimmy to the Four Sixes Ranch with him, right after he made his recovery from his gruesome injury where he fell off a horse, nearly paralyzed himself.

On the ride to Texas, Jimmy suggests that he’ll take the wheel, after Travis had lacked sleep over the past few days.

That’s when Jimmy is hit with the iconic line:

“Buddy, I’ll get all the sleep I need when I’m dead.”

The line from the classic Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliott movie, Roadhouse, but it’s unfamiliar to Jimmy. Travis on the other hand, says it’s the best movie ever made:

“When I grow up I wanna be Sam Elliott, with Patrick Swayze’s hair. Man, I wish the mullet would come back in style, don’t you?”

Travis then asks Jimmy why he likes rodeo so much, considering the fact that he’s almost died twice from it.

He responds:

“I like the lights, I like the crowd. They fucking like me.”

He also admits that he’s scared of horses, and rodeo helps him face that fear.

Then, Travis gets a little deep:

“To be any good at this game, ranching, rodeo, show horses, you gotta do it for the horse. Right?

And where you’re going, a horse is gonna be your only fuckin’ friend, and you two are gonna have to figure it the fuck out, and that’s all cowboyin’ is, right?

It’s you and a horse, doing a job to not let the other down. And I’ll say this, when the Sixes is done with you, you will either spend the rest of your life horseback, or you will never get on another one.”

Talk about one helluva build up to Jimmy’s introduction to the Four Sixes.

And now that Jimmy has returned a full blown cowboy, it sounds like Jimmy is gonna be spending the rest of his life on a horse.

Will Jimmy Be Involved In The 6666s Spinoff?

Jefferson White sat down with us on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast and explained everything he knows about the upcoming spinoff so far.

Here’s what he had to say:

“We filmed those Four Sixes sequences down at the Four Sixes, which is a real life, huge, working cattle ranch… one of the biggest in the country, one of the oldest in the country. After spending four years on the Yellowstone which is a fictional ranch, it was a real eye-opener to go down to the Sixes which is a real life, incredible, sort of goliath, cattle ranch.

As far as the spinoff goes, I don’t think you’ll be surprised that I, Jeff/Jimmy never have any idea what the fuck is going on, and any time I think I do, Taylor does something  better and cooler than I ever could’ve imagined.

All I can say is that I hope… I’m incredibly grateful for the work we’ve gotten to do so far, incredibly proud… all I can say as an actor is job security is very rare and very precious so I wanna play this character as long as they’ll let me.

And we’ll find out together how much longer that is… anytime I think I know what’s best for this character or for this world, Taylor proves me wrong. He knows better than any of us.”

Needless to say, only time will tell, but based on the way we saw Jimmy leave the Yellowstone Ranch at the end of Season 4… it sounds like Jimmy is going to be the star of his own show someday soon.

Stay tuned… with Taylor Sheridan involved, anything is possible.

Listen to the full podcast with Jefferson White, AKA Jimmy Hurdstrom, below:

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