Garth Brooks Reveals That He Got A Full Sleeve Tattoo After Ireland: “The Five Women Of My Life”

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Garth Brooks? HUGE tattoo guy, bro.

You wouldn’t think it from a first look, but you wouldn’t think ol’ Garth would have a split personality (Chris Gaines) and you wouldn’t think people would constantly be asking G about where he hid the bodies, either.

So here we are…

Brooks shared the wild information about how he is covered in tattoos while guest-hosting Country Countdown USA with Lon Helton.

He did it because he promised his youngest daughter, Allie Colleen, he would a while back:

“My daughter Allie is pretty inked up. She turned 18 in 2014, and I promised to get a tattoo with her in Ireland.”

However, his show in Ireland in 2014 got canceled, so he thought he was in the clear:

“When the show in 2014 was canceled I thought I was off the hook. When we announced Ireland this year, she reminded me of my promise.

So with me forever, I’ll take the five women in my life, my mother, my three daughters, and Miss Yearwood, all in places on my body.”

This past Monday, on his weekly Facebook Live series Inside Studio G, he discussed all of the parts of his body where he’s tatted up, and how he even showed Lon the new ink:

“I showed him… since it was radio, I took my shirt off and I showed him.

It’s front left chest, it’s front and left back, and it’s a full sleeve. I have the five women of my life… my mom, Miss Yearwood, and my three daughters. So it’s all about them, and it’s all about them being on my shoulder, and around my heart, and by my side.

I love it, and people who have tattoos will get this, I never did ’til now, but I know my three daughters have my back and are by my side ’til I’m in the grave. But something about having them inked on your skin right here by your side, the rest of your life… pretty frickin’ cool.

So my mom’s on my shoulder, and Miss Yearwood is right here by my heart.”

I gotta see a picture G…

Garth said it will be shown in time, but don’t expect him to rip off the shirt on the next episode Inside Studio G.

So yeah, ol’ Garth is a tattoo enthusiast, little did we know.

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