Maine Dad Shares The Greatest Apologies He’s Ever Given To His Wife, And They’re Comedic Gold

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Whether you’re a husband or boyfriend, it’s always a sticky situation whenever you’re caught having to explain yourself to your wife or girlfriend.

One word can be the difference between the penthouse or the doghouse, and one wrong move could lead to a rough few hours, days, or even weeks.

If you’ve ever been in a situation like this, there’s one guy on TikTok who can relate 100%, and although I wouldn’t always backup these excuses, they’re pretty damn funny if I must say so myself.

A Maine husband, who goes by Leighton, has gone viral on TikTok for sharing his best excuses and apologies he’s ever had to give his wife, and this is comedic gold right here.

Some are pretty authentic, while others are t-total bullshit, but either way, they could lighten the mood in a heartbeat.

Check out a few of these:

“I went upstairs for the night without announcing it. I’m currently working on a solo performance… like the scene in ‘The Sound of Music’ where they do a big number on their way to bed.”

He also hilariously joked about how he had to apologize for slamming on the car brakes, to save he and his wife’s lives:

“Next, I applied the brakes in order to save our lives, but I underestimated the trauma the change in momentum would create for her.”

This is a brutal one right here:

“A guy in a show we were watching cheated on his wife– and this lead to a detailed explanation of what would happen to me in that situation.”

“I also used the kitchen the same day it was being cleaned once– but never again.”

Leighton also remembered the time he was making too much noise because of the moon boot he was wearing after he sprained his ankle:

“I had to apologize because I sprained my ankle and had a moon boot. But I was walking too loudly up the stairs– clearly, the thing to do would be to lay down on my good leg and silently drag my body up the stairs using the railing.”

My favorite has to be the steak knife apology:

“I also made a mistake last night when I was cutting my steak. I let my knife touch the plate for a fraction of a second and had to apologize profusely. 

I was standing in the kitchen when she wanted to open a drawer in front of me. Obviously, I should’ve dove out of the way as soon as I sensed her lightest movement.”

So, if you’re ever in hot water with your significant other, you might wanna keep this in mind:

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