Bubba Wallace Goes After Kyle Larson Following Dangerous Wreck At Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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Tempers are flaring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and we’re barely even into Stage 2.

On lap 94 of the NASCAR Cup Series South Point 400, Kyle Larson made a pass on Kevin Harvick to go neck and neck with Bubba Wallace who was coming past Harvick on the outside.

Larson rode up the track and put Bubba into the wall.

But Wallace, in a wild and high-speed display of retaliation, took out Larson after the contact, ending both of their days, and taking Christopher Bell, a playoff driver, out in the process.

And then after the wreck, Bubba took off his helmet, walked over to Larson who was exiting his own car, and started shoving him.

Larson declined to engage in what could’ve turned into a roadside fight.

Bubba was rather pointed in his criticism of Larson:

“When you get shoved into the fence, deliberately like he did, trying to force me to lift, steering is gone… Larson wanted to make a three-wide divebomb, never cleared me.

And I don’t lift, so I know I’m kinda new to running up front, but I don’t lift…. just a piss poor move on his execution.”

And when asked about the dangers of retaliating like that, at those high speeds, Bubba told the trackside reporter to:

“Stop fishing, stop fishing…”

Seemed like a valid question…

And finally, when asked about taking out fellow Toyota teammate in Christopher Bell in the process, he called it “sports.”

Larson took the blame putting Wallace into the wall, but called the retaliation dangerous and unnecessary”

You knew the way Bubba was walking up that this was about to get physical, and while he might have a right to be pissed, spinning out Larson in the process, ending both of their days, and Christopher Bell (who I had money on), is a stupid move.

We’ll see if any disciplinary action comes down from NASCAR.

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