Shirtless New York Islanders Fan Pops The Question At The Game, & She Couldn’t Run Away Fast Enough

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What’s with dudes and stadium proposals lately?

Okay, okay, the guy at the Toronto Blue Jays game who proposed to his girlfriend with a ring pop, and got slapped into next week probably deserved what he got on that one, and I’m hoping they’re doing okay.

But this one right here?

This is tough to watch.

Imagine thinking you have the one you want to be with for the rest of your life on lock, and you plan out the perfect (well, not so perfect) proposal…

Go to a hockey game, get the kiss cam to focus on you and your woman, and get on one knee for the thousands of fans in the stands to see…

Only to get DENIED.

Absolutely brutal.

That’s exactly what happened to this New York Islanders fan.

In the video, you see the guy with his shirt off with a message written on his chest that read:


As everybody in the crowd turns their attention to the two with loads of applause, you can see the girl borderline curled up in a ball in the opposite direction of the guy, which is not ideal body language, considering the situation.

Then, the crowd starts chanting:


Sure enough, she crouches by him, whispers something in his ear, and darts off up the stairs in which appears to be a failed proposal.

The guy tries to laugh it off and picks up his beer as she runs off, but you can already tell he’s dying inside and wishes he could disappear.

All he could do was sit back down in his seat, and drink his now sad beer.

Prayers up for my boy, just a tough scene all around.

During the broadcast, Islanders reporter Shannon Hogan said:

“To put a bow on that, the woman did say, ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ to the proposal, but I’m not sure it’s the happiest moment since their team just went down by 1 right after the proposal.”

I just don’t know if I can believe that.

The whole situation screams that she said:

“No, no, no.”

Analyst Butch Goring also said:

“It took her a long time, she was thinking. She’s still thinking about that I’ll tell you what.”

We gotta get a follow up on this one.

Of course, with the camera right there, you never know if these are staged or not, but if definitely seems like my man took the L here.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock