Sea Turtle Dodging A Tiger Shark’s Attack Is The Slickest Thing You’ll See All Day

Tiger shark

Slicker than owl sh*t, right there.

This turtle literally said “NOPE.”

Something about sea turtles makes me always straight up think about the turtles in Finding Nemo that were just some chill bro dudes. They’re just cool…

Giant turtles are found swimming around just about everywhere in the ocean, save for the coldest northern and southern waters. They also can live for quite a long time, up over 50-years to be exact.

These turtles have been around for an estimated 100-million years. They are an ancient species as a whole. Lately, the poor things have been having a tough go of it.

They have few natural predators as adults, mainly just tiger sharks. The crazy thing about their survival is that each year over 90-percent of their eggs/babies are eaten by predators. There are many species that have similar stats on hatch survival but it is still crazy nonetheless.

The biggest threat to these things now is humans.

Habitat destruction, commercial fishing and other human activity are increasingly causing them harm. For a species that has survived this long, the major changes are too much for quick adaptations.

Their natural predators clearly aren’t the problem, as they have figured out a way to deal with them for thousands of years too.

This sea turtle shows us his defense.

A tiger shark is seen taking a run at a swimming turtle, who in turn casual just dips away. Then he does it again. And again. And then again.

This turtle is just sliding off this shark like he’s dodging people running down a football field.

He uses his protective shell has additional cover putting that directly in front of the sharks mouth before getting bitten, then he rolls away.

Eventually, the shark gives up and the turtle swims away freely, sporting a few new marks on the shell.

Too smooth.


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