Twitter Blasts Troy Aikman For “Take The Dresses Off” Comment After Awful Roughing The Passer Penalty During Monday Night Football

roughing the passer

Between Sunday and last nights game between the Las Vegas Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs, we saw some absolutely atrocious roughing the passer penalties, and may be the worst two day stretch of the calls in NFL history.

I’ll admit, I’m all for player safety in football, considering the damaging toll it takes on the body overtime, but the rules have gotten so ticky tack that players can’t even tackle the quarterback anymore without getting penalized.

It’s genuinely hard to watch, and it doesn’t feel like football anymore.

This call on Sunday in favor of Tom Brady was pretty suspect:

After a couple of awful penalties on Sunday, the NFL refs struck again last night, calling a roughing the passer penalty on Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones.

It was seriously one of the most basic tackles you’ll ever see in football, and the refs threw a flag on this one:

I mean good Lord, the NFL just needs to let defensive backs play on the defensive line, and defensive linemen play in the backfield at this point, because I don’t know what else Jones could do there besides grab him by the leg, and they’d probably throw a flag on that, too.

Fans, players, and even announcers are getting fed up with the direction the league is going, and one announcer in particular?

Hall of Fame and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman.

After the penalty was thrown, Aikman, who basically had his career cut short due to taking too many hits, simply couldn’t keep the disgust inside anymore, as he told the players:

“My hope is that the competition committee looks at this in the next set of meetings and we take the dresses off.”

It’s a funny, honest comment, and you’d think everybody would agree, or at least not think twice about it, right?


Aikman’s comments were flooded with backlash on social media, with the PC police going as far as to call him “misogynist.”

Just see for yourself:

Of course, others were quick to call out the easily offended for doing exactly that… being offended.

Some even took to Twitter to mention how the outrage over a comment like this actually works to water down other real, and actually damaging, instances on misogyny.

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