In An Absolute Power Move, Cody Jinks Is Sending His Platinum Song “Loud And Heavy” To Country Radio

cody jinks country music

An absolute power move from Cody Jinks.

And I couldn’t love it more…

Cody is officially sending the fan-favorite tune “Loud And Heavy” from his 2015 Adobe Sessions  album to country radio.

Similar to how Kip Moore sent his decade-old song and another fan-favorite “Crazy One More Time” to country radio back in January (which has since stalled out), Cody is taking his seven-year-old and signature song to radio here soon.

“Loud and Heavy” will impact next month on August 1st:

Back in November of last year, Cody had “Like A Hurricane” get a little bit of radio play when it was picked up by seven stations and added to the rotation, but ultimately nothing much every really came of that.

We’ll see what happens since Cody and his team have officially decided to send this single to radio and are actively marketing it to stations across the country, but the kicker here is, the song was already Certified Platinum by the RIAA in September of 2020, which means the single has sold a million copies.

The aforementioned Adobe Sessions record was also Certified Gold back in February, which means the album sold over 500,000 copies.

Cody recently released two newer albums in 2021, a country album called Mercy and a metal album with his band Caned by Nod, None the Wiser.

“Loud and Heavy” is already a hit in every aspect other than the fact that it hasn’t peaked at #1 on the Country Airplay or Mediabase charts, which are the two charts labels use to officially track their songs performance.

And clearly we all know Cody’s a superstar outside of mainstream country, so regardless of where this song peaks, I think it’s safe to say he already has the last laugh:

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