The Internet Is Stunned By This Bizarre Video Of A Live “Fish Road”

Fish road

The internet has a mystery to solve: why is this dusty road, in the middle of nowhere, covered with millions of live fish? 

Some people find the scene to mirror something out of a horror movie.

The disturbing and confusing video is making the rounds on the internet and it shows tons of fish struggling and flopping on a sandy road. 

The fish appear to have the same size and shape, and some theories have started to appear. A less popular one comes from the observation of trees being present to the right and left of the fish, leading some social media users to believe the horrible scene could be the result of a river drying up suddenly by extreme drought. 

A Twitter user reposted the video with a caption that read: 

“No more River? They became the fuck**g river”

Another, more reasonable explanation, is that an unfortunate event happened while the fish were being transported to a stocking pond by a truck. 

Here’s the Redditor’s comment with his logical hypothesis: 

“Fish-stocking truck coming from the hatchery had the release valve open by mistake whilst driving. All those fish are the same size and species and it’s in a roadway.

And it happened no more than a minute or two prior to this video being taken or the fish would be dead and the water all gone into the sand. Plus that’s about the right size pile of fish and water for one of the bigger stocking trucks.”

If the theory proceeds and the video was taken in the United States, we could be talking about $72,000 in fish that was probably going to serve as bait for larger fishes on a stocking pond. 

And if that’s the case, a stinky future awaits these fish… and the driver. 

Man Gets Taken Out Restocking A Lake With Fish

This is hilarious.

The other stocking methods I’ve seen aren’t this redneck and I think that’s what I love about this one so much. You don’t need a special airplane or a cool trout waterslide, it’s just some boys and box of fish trying to make a lake have something worth catching.

A good stocked lake can provide a day of fun with a tasty meal to top it all off. The best part is most places will tell you exactly what lakes are stocked in your area. That makes it easy to take the kids or increase the odds of success.

These folks set out to do just that in a lake when they got to the point of releasing the fish into the water. They seem like they just didn’t have the whole plan figured out when they got there.

A box of fish on a truck with a tarp out to guide them into the water. Well, the only other problem was getting the fish out of the box.

A man gets on the tailgate so he can open the hatch, not thinking of the rush of fish and water about to flow right at him.

You can see it coming as he opens the flood gates and cartwheels off of the truck, guided by the tarp into the water.

Their system works, it just so happens that it will take anything in its path with it.

All I can say, is I hope this fella got to catch some fish once they all got settled into the lake.

100,000 Trout Air Dropped Into Alpine Lakes In Colorado

Earlier this summer footage of thousands of fish being dropped into a Utah lake by a plane generated quite a buzz on the internet. It’s a practice that The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has been implementing since the 1950s in order to stock fish into mountain lakes that would otherwise be difficult to access.

Utah isn’t the only state to utilize the technique though.

Over the course of this summer, Colorado Parks and Wildlife dropped 275,000 fish into 240 different alpine lakes and the video footage from the most recent round of stocking is just awesome.

This was reportedly the second round of summer stockings, and pilots dropped almost 100,000 cutthroat trout into 73 different lakes on the western slope of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain range.

The pilots swoop low over the lakes and their flight speed slows to just 90 mph as the send the inch long trout hatchlings raining down into the water.

“We’re about 100 feet above the lake and as [the fish get dumped], they almost stop immediately as they come out of the airplane. 

They have very little mass to them so they just kind of float down into the water.”

While the sight of fish falling from the sky might be concerning, studies have shown that survival rates for fish stocked through this method are actually as high as 90% and it’s far more efficient than the alternative, which is loading the fish into milk jugs and packing them into the alpine lakes on horseback.

Most of the alpine lakes do not support aquatic ecosystems that would support natural trout reproduction, but through the stocking program these lakes can provide great fishing opportunities as and within the next two years the 1-inch long fish that were dropped into the lakes will be 10-inches long and readily catchable by anglers.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife will stock nearly 275,000 fish into 240 mountain lakes this 2021 summer.

Tag along on this mid-August day as cutthroat trout are getting a lift up to Colorado’s alpine lakes.

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