Black Bear Takes Injured Fawn While Helpless Mother Can Do Nothing But Watch

BEar fawn

Nature can be one cruel beast.

It ain’t nothing new though. Only the strong survive and there’s usually something out there that will eat you if they can.

Black bears love a little bit of meat. The are omnivores and get a lot of there foods from plants but love a good feed of meat when they can get it. They will scavenge for anything, but are known to take out the young mammals, particularly from the deer family.

Much like other predators, they target animals which are easiest to get for a meal. The young, weak, or the old.

In this case, we have young and weak.

And deer… well, they have a hard life. Everything seems to be out to get them, whether it’s the lack of food, disease, becoming road kill, a hunter’s arrow, or predation. They always have to be on their toes, because often times in a combination of these things.

This was probably the case here, as a deer fawn lays roadside, seemingly injured. The mother stands by to protect her fawn, but hours and hours go by and it becomes apparent that this fawn can’t move.

As night rolls in, a black bear strolls up and snags the fawn right in front of the mother and walks away.

The mother comes and checks out the scene but then gets chased away by the bear who comes back for more.

The poor deer only had a minute before its own life was in danger.

The owner of the trail cam says the deer was born on the driveway:

“The fawn was born on the driveway and it did move to the side of the driveway. It seemed like it was injured the way it was moving its neck and not getting up.

I put the trail cameras on it to see what was going on with it. I am thinking the fawn was crying out since the bear knew exactly where it was.”

It’s a wild world out there.

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