Cow Moose Sticks Her Head Right Into Bow Hunters Ground Blind In North Dakota


Well, at least he saw something sitting in the blind.

It may not have been his target species, but what thrill. You can’t have a closer interaction than this without getting run over by one of these massive animals.

Mature cows moose can weigh as much as 800 pounds. Even a small cow isn’t one you want to have a run in with.

Cow moose are considered one of the most dangerous animals to humans in the woods since they are highly protective of their calves and relentless when defending them. The can be as tall as 6.5 feet, with a kick that’ll knock your teeth in.

This North Dakota hunter was sitting in his ground blind, bowhunting for some whitetails. He wasn’t seeing any deer but this moose come walking on in… right on up to his blind.

The cow sniffs around the blind before actually sticking her nose then whole head fully into the blind looking at the hunter.

Finally, she walks turns, smells a bit more then begins to walk away.

The hunter summed it all up on the video.

“She came to get a closer look. I will let the video speak for itself, but I will add that I was scared to death, heart pounding, shaking, but excited.

I didn’t know what to do, so I stayed still as if I wasn’t there. I’ll never forget this moment.

The very last second of the video, she tripped over the rope that anchors the wall down. It shook the blind so much that I jumped out of my seat to my knees and accidentally stopped the video. The next sound I heard was the moose scared and running away.

I mean after all, it’s only a near thousand pound animal”

Yup, that’s definitely a thrill.

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