Garth Brooks’ SiriusXM Channel, The Garth Channel, Is Shutting Down This Week

Garth Brooks country music

I’ll never forget riding in my dad’s car a few years back, and he flipped on SiriusXM.

He was flipping through the country music stations, and all of a sudden, something called The Garth Channel popped up on the screen…

And they were playing Lady Gaga.

Yeah, that’s about what I expected a Garth Brooks SiriusXM station to play…

The whole channel was filled with songs from just about every genre imaginable, with creepy soundbites from Garth in between songs that would make your skin crawl more than that Russell Wilson Subway commercial.

With that being said, after six years of playing the most obscure collection of Garth’s favorite songs, the station is coming to a close for good, calling it quits on Friday, according to CMT.

However, Garth allegedly has always had the intention of ending the station with the end of his tour which just ended in Ireland, as he used the channel to promote ticket sales for his stadium tour.

He told the outlet:

“My time with Sirius has been great. It’s all coming to the end of a chapter and start of a new one. When this was all planned years ago, it was so everything would end out at the end of the stadium tour.

So now the stadium tour has come to an end, and The Garth Channel will go with it.”

He also added that he asked Sirius executives if they’d be down to work together again in the future, and they said yes, so this may not be the last we’ll see of a Garth themed SiriusXM channel.

He said:

“They’ve been very, very sweet. So it’s cool. We just have to see what’s next for us, whatever that is.”

Originally, the station would play a Garth song every other song, which was actually kinda nice because he refuses to put his music on streaming platforms, but quickly changed to just his favorite songs.

He gave the reasoning:

“Dude, that got old quick. And then like three songs, four songs, five songs… you keep messing around and find the balance.”

So, RIP The Garth Brooks Channel. 9/30/2022.

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