Chapel Hart Make Opry Debut With Performance Of “You Can Have Him Jolene”

Chapel Hart country music

Made up of sisters Danica Hart and Devynn Hart, along with their cousin Trea Swindle, Chapel Hart is an absolute powerhouse with witty lyrics, commentary and insanely good voices.

Their album The Girls Are Back in Town came out in 2021 and included easily their most popular song “You Can Have Him Jolene.”

Coming off their run on America’s Got Talent which helped to catapult them into the mainstream, these women just made their debut at the Grand Ole Opry with the very song that earned them a golden buzzer on AGT.

Danica, who sings most of the verses truly shines in this performance with the rasp and depth of her voice really shining through. And when they all sing together? Damn, is it like butter.

These women can SING.

Every Chapel Hart performance I’ve seen has been full of energy and excitement and just pure joy, and this Opry performance is absolutely no different.

They are dancing around and moving, yelling for audience participation and seemingly having a blast. I mean, talk about stage presence.

At one point, Trea even tells Danica to show us how she would “straighten that hussy up.” Danica then proceeds to reel up and toss something away.

If you somehow don’t know what “You Can’t Have Him Jolene” is about, then you are missing out. Chapel Hart has essentially taken Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” and has updated it, so the two women aren’t fighting over this man (who totally doesn’t deserve either of them).

Now, the singer is done with him, and Jolene can just have him for all she cares.

“Oh Jolene, you can have him cause he don’t mean much to me
Well I cried so much, two rivers turned to seas
Oh Jolene, when you think that he’s in love he’ll surely leave
Like he did me
You can have him Jolene”

It’s one of the best spinoffs of old songs I’ve ever heard.

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