Luke Bryan Hugs Teary-Eyed Girl Who Lost Her Dad To Suicide, Dedicates “Drink A Beer” To Her

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Man, this one hurts…

We like to poke fun at Luke Bryan for some of his corny pop country songs (looking at you “One Margarita”) and the relentless ass-shaking at his concerts, but it’s easy to see that Luke is genuinely a kind and compassionate guy who cares about people.

He recently brought two young guys on stage to sing “Drink A Beer” to honor their late father, sang “Strip It Down” after seeing a sign that says it was one of his fan’s 85th birthday, and more.

And here’s the latest example.

While playing a show for his Farm Tour, he was in the middle of “Drink A Beer” once again, when he noticed a young girl holding two signs in the crowd while sitting on top of somebody’s shoulders, trying to get his attention.

The signs were about suicide prevention month, and how she missed her mom and dad. According to a comment, she lost her father, and her stepsister lost her mother, to suicide.

You can see Luke’s heart break the second he spotted the sign.

So, he brought the young girl on stage, gave her a giant hug, and held her close while he finished up singing “Drink A Beer.” She stood close to Luke with tears in her eyes, holding his hand, completely overcome with emotion.

It’s hard to imagine going through a loss like that, and it’s a heartwarming moment like this that can help bring peace to someone in a difficult situation.

And if anyone understands the gut-wrenching pain of loss… it’s Luke Bryan.

His older brother Chris died in a car wreck back in 1996. His sister, Kelly, also passed away suddenly in 2007, and her husband Lee died of a heart attack seven years later. Luke and his wife Caroline took in their three children to raise.

So when Luke brought that little girl up on stage, he hugged her like someone whose been there before. Like a dad hugging his own daughter.

Got me tearing up over here…


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