Luke Bryan Brings Two Young Boys Onstage To Honor Their Late Father With “Drink A Beer”

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Love him or hate him, Luke Bryan seems like one of the most genuinely nice dudes in country music.

And at a recent show, he took time to help two boys honor their late dad onstage.

Video from the show in Hartford, Connecticut this weekend shows Luke walking to the edge of the stage and taking a shirt that the two boys had been holding up.

Telling the crowd that the boys had been holding the shirt up all night, he turned it around to show the crowd the message on the shirt:

“Our dad died. Can we sing Drink a Beer together?”

He then invited the pair up on stage to do just that, taking time to put the shirt on before joining the boys for the chorus of his Chris Stapleton-penned #1 hit from 2013.

Luke even wiped tears off one of the young boy’s faces as he stood with his arms around them onstage.

Talk about an emotional tribute.

Luke Bryan Sings “Strip It Down” To 85-Year-Old Woman For Her Birthday

Luke Bryan, CALM DOWN.

You may judge me for this statement, but I just wanna make this clear…

I’m not a complete Luke Bryan hater. Although the guy kinda went the whole “spring break twerking frat boy” route around 2011, I fully believe that the man can put out some decent mainstream country music… on occasion.

With his first couple albums, like his 2007 debut studio album I’ll Stay Me, and his 2009 Doin’ My Thing album, you have some decent, easy listening kind of radio friendly country tunes that don’t make you want to rip your ears off.

His 2020 Born Here Live Here Die Here album gave us a little hope that he just might be returning to his roots… a little hope.

Not to mention, for being such a big star, he seems like an all-around good guy and good family man.

I really just want to believe he got unbelievably caught up in the Nashville Machine for so long, which explains travesties like “M-O-V-E,” “One Margarita,” and “That’s My Kind Of Night.”

However, what I simply cannot defend, is his pure cringe at his concerts, where he flips that hat on backwards over his eyebrows, and starts shakin’ his ass.

With that being said, he did have a sweet moment at one of his concerts in Bristow, Virginia last Thursday.

He saw a sign in the crowd that read, “Luke, Strip it down for Grandma’s 85th Birthday.”

Well thank God he didn’t start peeling clothes off… instead, he sang his 2015 hit “Strip It Down” (also one of my least favorite songs from the guy).

Sure, it looked like the grandma was having the time of her life singing the song with him, but I guess there’s just something about singing a song like “Strip It Down” with an 85-year-old woman that doesn’t sit right with me. Getting some Magic Mike vibes…

Nevertheless, I hope the grandma had the time of her life, because boy don’t we all wish we could be in that kind of health by that age.


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A beer bottle on a dock