Tim Tebow Recalls Trophy Wars With Luke Bryan: “I Think The CMAs Got Kinda Upset With It”

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Look at ol’ Tim Tebow getting the last laugh.

Anybody who follows college football knows Tebow as arguably the greatest quarterback in Florida Gator history, winning a Heisman Trophy and was practically the face of college football for the years he was at Florida.

However, he may be known most now for being an analyst, his outspoken Christian beliefs, and his philanthropy work since his NFL career ended.

With that being said, little did I know that there was a little friendly feud between him and Luke Bryan.

Back in 2018, Luke’s wife, Caroline, started the Brett Boyer Foundation in honor of her niece who passed away at seven-months-old after complications from Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect.

Out of the goodness of his heart, Tebow put together an event a few years back, and auctioned off his Heisman Trophy to raise money for cardiovascular research.

Luke placed the winning bid and took the Heisman Trophy home with him for six months.

Except, Luke is a diehard Georgia Bulldogs fan, growing up in the state of Georgia his whole life, and Georgia and Florida have a bitter rivalry in the SEC, so he took the opportunity to poke some fun at Tebow.

Luke joked by putting a jersey on it, cover it up with peanut butter and let his dog lick it off, and more in an effort to troll Tebow.

Although Tebow let it slide for a while, he finally came clean about how he retaliated on a recent visit on the Dan Patrick Show.

He said:

“Luke Bryan, he and his wife Caroline, who are so sweet, they’re a big part of some nonprofits that we work together, and so he and his wife won it. 

So then, leading up to Florida-Georgia, because he’s such a Georgia fan, he would put a Georgia jersey on it, he would put peanut butter all over it and let his dog lick it off, he would do all sorts of stuff. I was like, ‘this isn’t fair.’ Right?’

He’s trying to hurt my Heisman, so I worked with his wife to get one of his CMA Artist of the Year awards, which is kind of a unique-looking award. I started getting that and then sending him videos of me using it as, like, a sparkling water opener or a jack for a car.

So, we kept going back and forth and I think the CMAs got kind of upset with it. I didn’t actually hurt it, it just looked like we were using it that way.”

Ya gotta respect the dad humor here.

You may have to be 40 and older to find this funny, but this is some high quality stuff right here. Not to mention, this is about as PG-13 as Tim Tebow gets.

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