Vince Gill’s CMT Giants Speech Will Tug At Your Heart Strings

Vince Gill country music

How can you not love Vince Gill?

CMT said it best in their YouTube video description of Vince Gill’s speech at his CMT Giants honor performance:

“Vince Gill is the definition of a GIANT. Giant heart, giant musician and giant career.”

Vince Gill is the definition of a country music powerhouse.

The Country Music Hall of Fame inductee is known for his phenomenal guitar playing, thoughtful songwriting, a keen ear for a good tune, and giving back to the country music industry.

CMT Giants curated a night that featured performances of some of his greatest hits by today’s biggest names in country music to celebrate the work and mentorship of Gill.

At the conclusion of the night, Gill took to the stage to share a few words.

He starts the speech with some great humor. A dad joke, one might say, but still makes you giggle.

“I figured out the way to become a giant is to eat at Noshville every night and every morning for breakfast. Then go out with these guys and eat pizza on the bus after every gig… and that’s how you become a giant.”

Noshville is a hidden gem of a restaurant, and I fully support this statement.

He makes sure to also note that his wife, Amy Grant, is on the road to a successful recovery after she had a bike wreck earlier this summer.

Hearing about Gill’s history with CMT is great. He started with the network and reminds people that CMT used to play music videos like MTV. I sure as hell remember watching the Saturday morning country music video countdown.

After sharing some amazing stories and “thank yous” to the room, he closes with:

“I can’t thank you enough; I just don’t know that I could go through here and tell you all the things I am feeling inside because I don’t think I can.

I am just grateful to all of these artists. I know how hard it is to give your time and learn somebody else’s song. The fact they did it… and sang what they sang was an amazing gift.

So, thank you for the gift of tonight; God bless.”

The heartfelt speech was the perfect way to end a night celebrating a gem in country music.

Thank you for your numerous contributions to country music, Vince Gill.

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