7-Eleven Clerk Has Hilarious Interaction With Big Ol’ Grizzly Bear In California: “Get The F*ck Out, You’re A Thief, Man”

California bear

When you work at a convenience store, you always have to keep an eye out on possible shoplifters that could walk in the store at any point in the day.

However, what do you do when a massive, 500-pound brown bear walks into your store and tries to take some food home with him?

That’s ballgame for me. Go ahead, have anything you want (as I curl up in the corner of the store in the armadillo position).

This exact situation happened to a California 7-Eleven employee, when the unwanted guest just strolled right in like he owned the place.

The wild event happened around 1:30 AM on June 9th at the Olympic Valley franchise.

54-year-old cashier Christopher Kinson decided to film the wild instance, and you can see in the video the brown bear stroll right in and take a candy bar from the front of the store.

According to the New York Post, Kinson said:

“Initially, I was surprised. I see the door open, and I don’t see a torso, and I am like, ‘Oh my god. It’s a bear.’

The videos really don’t do it justice. The bear was about 20% to 30% bigger in real life.”

Of course, the bear meant no harm and was just looking for some food to eat, but Kinson knew he had to get it out of there, and finally was able to scare it off after multiple attempts.

Although the bear wasn’t looking for blood, he wasn’t about to leave until he had as much food as he could handle.

And speaking of handles, he snapped a mop handle in half trying to get in the door… NOPE.

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