Yellowstone’s Forrie J. Smith Weighs In On Surprise In Season 5: “Everybody’s Gonna Be Going, ‘What The Hell?'”

Rip and Lloyd Yellowstone

Forrie J. Smith, who plays the loyal ranch hand Lloyd on Yellowstone, has some BIG words for the upcoming season five.

According to KPRC2 Houston, Forrie and Cole Hauser, who of course plays Rip Wheeler on the show, attended a charity gala in Houston for a local animal charity.

The duo spoke with reporter Courtney Zavala, where she asked them some questions about what fans can expect for season five.

And needless to say, Forrie implied it’s gonna be the wildest season yet, saying it was gonna be “surmising.”

Then, he responded with a very intriguing response about the fans’ reactions to season five:

“Everybody’s gonna be going, ‘what the hell.'”

Of course, we’ve seen it all throughout the show, and I’ve been saying “what the hell” a lot throughout the first four seasons.

From brutal murders by the Dutton family, symbolic wolves, Tate getting kidnapped by a local militia, to a whole attack on the family at the same time to end season three, and then seeing Beth somehow survive the insane explosion at the beginning of season four from a bomb that basically went off in her hands, the list goes on and on.

Nevertheless, we can fully expect Taylor Sheridan to throw the book at us in season five, and he hasn’t failed us yet.

Season five is slated to drop on November 13th, and although we didn’t get the late summer premier like we had hoped for, it’s slowly getting closer and closer.

But in other news, Forrie and Hauser helped raise over a million dollars for Houston’s Petset, the charity in which the gala was in support for.


Yellowstone Producer Says Season 5 Will “Immediately Surprise Everybody”

We’re nearly 2 months away from the premiere of Yellowstone Season 5, and so far, everybody has been tight-lipped about what is to come.

We know the new season will add some new faces, including country music star Lainey Wilson, and we also know that it will feature 14 episodes in two parts, with a two-episode season premiere on November 13th.

We have a number of questions already in the forefront of our minds regarding the plot of Season 5, like will John Dutton win Governor? What will happen with Caroline Warner? What will happen to Kayce and Monica? Will Jamie and Beth ever get along? Is Summer going to jail for good? And it goes on and on…

And while most of those will be answered come November, Yellowstone producer David C. Glasser does have one inkling of information regarding the premiere.

According to TV Insider, he says that fans are going to be surprised by where the story picks up:

“Episode 1 will immediately surprise everybody — where our story starts and what has happened.”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds to me like we’ll be jumping pretty far ahead into the story.

Will John already be Governor? Will Summer already be out of jail? Will Monica have already had her baby? Will Beth have already strangle her adopted brother by now?

Season 4 picked up right where Season 3 left off, but something tells me this might be quite the opposite.

Only time will tell…

However, Paramount Network released its first teaser for Yellowstone Season 5.

Featuring Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley), Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes), Rip (Cole Hauser), and more, the video offers a word of warning from John Dutton (Kevin Costner):

“We show the world who we are… and what we do.”

Along with the tagline:

“All will be revealed.”

Get. Ready.

Yellowstone Season 5 premieres in a special two-hour event Sunday November 13th, only on Paramount Network.

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Kelly Reilly Says Yellowstone Season 5 Won’t Be The Last

Yellowstone is the hottest show on television right now, Kevin Costner is the highest paid actor on television right now, and yet, fans are constantly wondering… when will it end?

After a bit of a slow Season 4, fans started to wonder if the show will meander around for a few seasons to milk the popularity for everything its worth. But rest assured, they’re not gonna pull a Walking Dead.

And that’s a good thing.

Anybody who started watching The Walking Dead right at the beginning was obsessed with it. But 11 season later, it got stale, viewership dropped, and it’s ultimately remembered for being the show that didn’t know when to end.

So with Yellowstone hitting the peak of its popularity right now, creator Taylor Sheridan is letting fans know that his show won’t be repeating the same mistakes.

In fact, according to an interview with the New York Times, the end is actually in sight.

“Well, I know how it ends. I’m writing to that ending. There’s only so much hovering one can do before the story starts to lose its locomotion; you can’t put it in neutral just because it’s successful.

It will go as many years as it takes for me to tell the story, but you’re not going to see nine seasons of it. No way.”

He echoed that sentiment in a previous interview with Deadline, hinting that show could possibly conclude after Season 6, which might be sooner than fans want, but there’s no sense in dragging the story out for the sake of more seasons (looking at you How I Met Your Mother).

“Well, I know how it ends. I know how the series ends, and you have to move in a straight line toward that end. You can’t walk in circles, waiting to get there, because the show will stagnate.

So, you have to keep moving forward, and there have to be consequences in the world, and there has to be an evolution toward a conclusion. Can that be another two seasons beyond this? It could.”

So, with Season 5 already in production, and the end of the story in sight… could this be the last season?

Kelly Reilly, who plays the ultimate badass Beth Dutton, says no.

In an interview with Vulture, Kelly confirmed that Season 5 is in fact, not the end of Yellowstone, despite what people might be thinking.

“People keep saying, ‘Is it the end? It must be the end… it’s not the end.”

Seems like 6 or 7 seasons might be the lifespan of this show, and since they’ve been using it to launch other prequels and spinoffs, Taylor Sheridan has no shortage of work on his hands.

So even when Yellowstone does inevitably end, it seems like the Yellowstone universe will live on.

Yellowstone Season 5 is set to premiere on November 13th on Paramount Network.

And if you’re a fan of the hit series Yellowstone, be sure to check out our Yellowstone The Soundtrack Playlist, updated in real time each week as new episodes air.


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