Texas High Speed Chase Ends At Randall King Concert: “The Dude Ran In & Bought A Shirt”

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Well that’s one way to evade the police.

According to San Angelo Live, 25 year old Iziah Rodriguez took police on a 60-mile, high speed chase across West Texas, which ultimately came to a conclusion at a Randall King show.

The red pickup was traveling at a high rate of speed from Runnels County, through San Angelo, Texas, and came to a stop at Cooper’s BBQ in Christoval, Texas, where Randall King was performing.

The suspect attempted to hide in the crowd, and according to Randall, he even purchased a Randall King t-shirt to disguise himself.

Much to the surprise of the fans in attendance, armed police officers entered the venue while opener Bryan Martin was on stage. They searched the premises for the suspect, including the dumpsters around the building.

Bryan recalled the scene on Facebook:

“Yea… so this happened while I was in the middle of my set tonight at Coopers…

Man on the run ends his high speed chase by crashing backstage ditches his bag under my bus… sneaks in side stage, buys a Randall King shirt and tries blending in the crowd.

We stopped show, 30 of West Texas’ finest come in loaded for a fight, AR’s drawn. I tried to help keep it light on stage, and with little over a 30 minute delay they apprehended him and we continued the show.

Shout-out to law enforcement and everyone involved and thanks to the crowd for hanging in there with us. Glad no one in crowd was hurt.

Randall King kicked ass… taking a break from ya Texas at least ’til next month… y’all wild.”

A spectator at the show also weighed in on the chaos:

“We were at Cooper’s when the police came running in with AR’s! It was quite scary.”

He was eventually spotted next door at the Tres Amigos Convenience Store.

“We closed the store for a good couple of hours before an officer gave us the OK to reopen because they couldn’t find him. And they were positive he wasn’t in the area anymore.

Shortly after, he walked right into our store. They arrested him right in front of me.”

He was booked into the Tom Green County Detention Center and charged with Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, Evading Arrest or Detention with a Vehicle, and Evading Arrest or Detention.

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