Zach Bryan Releases Official Studio Version Of “Burn, Burn, Burn”

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New music Thursday?

I’m here for it…

Not only do we have the great Tyler Childers making a comeback and dropping a new song, “Angel Band,” in addition to announcing a new gospel record Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven, Zach Bryan just dropped a new tune called “Burn, Burn, Burn.”

He’s been teasing it for a while now, and after a fan tweeted him asking if he could released it, he obliged, responding with a simple:


He also shared his thoughts on why he’s chosen to release music at this rate, and how important it is for the artist to be able to have control over that aspect of their career:

Of course, Zach has been on an absolute tear this year, releasing his debut studio album, the 34-track American Heartbreak, in addition to dropping his Summertime Blues EP a couple months ago.

That’s pretty much insane for any artist (especially a country artist) to be releasing music at that volume and pace, but according to Zach, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone… because he’s a songwriter, and that’s just what he does:

It’s always a great day when Zach drops new music, and we’ve been having a lot of those lately… not that you’ll ever hear me complainin’ about that.

In the new song, he details how, though he enjoys his time out on the road, he really just wants to go home and enjoy a simple life with his friends at the end of the day:

“I want to be a child climbing trees somewhere,
Breathing in the fresh, outside air,
Before I knew this life was unkind,
I want a well-trained dog and on a couple acres,
A kind, kind lady and a place to take her,
And a few good friends I can count on one of my hands,

I know I’m bound to die one day,
So when I reach those golden gates,
I pray to say I did the best I can”

It’s classic Zach with personal and meaningful lyrics and a very simple production, and could’ve fit right in on the American Heartbreak tracklist in my very humble opinion.

Keep it coming, Zach…

“Burn, Burn, Burn”

He previously put the song out exclusively on Youtube:

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