Zach Bryan Shares Album Art For “Burn, Burn, Burn” Hinting At Official Release

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Last Week, American Heartbreaker Zach Bryan tweeted a photo of the backside of two fans from a recent outdoor performance asking if anybody knew who the couple was…

Upon seeing the tweet, I wondered to myself why he would want to know this…

My initial thought was that he may have wanted to cast the couple in a music video. The gentleman, sporting a cowboy hat, white tank-top and blue jeans, has his arm wrapped around the waist of his lady… also wearing a white top and blue denim… classic.

They couple is tanned from summer, and they look toward an empty stage; the crowd surrounding them held in excited anticipation as they await the arrival of Mr. Bryan.

Bryan’s initial tweet was deleted, but then last night, Zach posted the photo again, yet this time with the words “Burn, Burn, Burn” etched onto the photos horizon in a handwritten font.

The album art came at a surprise, and if I had to guess, it’s now a matter of days before Zach officially releases the song.

The big question for me, however, is: will the song stand alone? Or will more new music accompany it?

Based on track record here, I’m going to opt for the latter…

The man… writes…songs.

In a tweet last week he joked:

“From what I hear … it’s surprising .. a songwriter …. writes songs.”

He then responded to himself:

“I don’t mean this as songs being written by one person, I mean this like every time I show you guys stuff I’m working on everyone’s like ‘wHAAAT anotHER ONe?’”

Given the normal release schedule and trajectory of country artists, I must say, that I’m with the crowd here, Zach…

Yeah, a songwriter writes songs… and typically releases an album, at max, per year, but more likely one every few years. So yeah, seeing some 45 songs and counting come from ONE songwriter in the span of less than a year is, well, surprising…

And surprisingly awesome, as the songs have been taking country music fans, and the world by storm.

And we’re here for it.

So please, keep on keepin’ on, Mr. Bryan.

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