A Look Back At The Judds’ Farewell Concert TV Special From 1991

The Judds Country Music

The other week, I was on the phone with my dad talking about the Judds and his interactions with them on Music Row.

We were talking about the upcoming tour and how tragic the loss of Naomi is still affecting him. My dad was fortunate enough to work with Naomi for a short stint and always shares fun stories of her and the Judds duo.

Since that conversation, I have been having the Judds heavily on my music rotation.

My YouTube suggested clearly picking up on this trend of mine and suggested a video I had never seen….the Judds Farewell Concert, a TV special.

No doubt, I had to click on it.

The duo’s original farewell tour took place in 1991 after Naomi announced she was retiring at the age of 44. On the very last stop of this tour, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, at the Murphy Center, they set up to film a TV special to document the magic of the Judds.

After singing a few songs, Naomi addresses the crowd.

Tonight is sort of a celebration; I think of love, laughter, music, and life.”

She goes on to say that she broke into the Country Music Hall of Fame to break out the ‘party dress’ she was sporting that evening.

“I think Wynonna and I love country music more in this minute than the day that we discovered it because you all have allowed us the last 8 years not only to heal our relationship and become best friends, but I think you quite possibly saved my life.

So, this is a thank you and appreciation party for your love and support.”

 I’m holding back tears at this point.

After their note to the crowd, they go into “River of Time.”

 The hour-and-a-half show includes all of their fan favorites like “Mama, He’s Crazy,” “Have Mercy,” “Why Not Me,” “Love Is Alive,” and “Grandpa.”

As Wynonna is about to embark on what should have been the last tour of the Judds, now with some modifications due to the tragic passing of Naomi Judd, it’s nice to look back and see the Judds for the talent and joy they brought their fans.

There will never be a mother-daughter duo like the Judds.


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