Tiny Dog Won’t Back Down From Large Mountain Lion In Face-To-Face Staredown

Dog lion

Que Tom Petty singing “I won’t back down.”

What a standoff.

Mountain lions ain’t nothing to mess with. They are elusive predators, that are one of the best and fastest killers in North America. They strike quick, quiet, and hard, going straight for the kill zone. Cougars are trained hunters, they know what they are doing.

Most animals’ lives consist of finding food so they can get the chance to mate when the time comes.

It just so happens mountain lions almost only exclusively hunt. The old saying goes “where there’s deer, there’s cougars.” They follow the food source.

They can weigh up to 175-pounds. They eat anywhere from 10 to 15 pounds of meat in a day…

Yup, they have to kill a lot of animals to be able to survive.

So, it comes as no surprise with ongoing urban sprawl and the constant development from humans that there are an increasing number of encounters, especially in areas with homes.

Of course, a killer like this would be attracted to an area with lots of pets tied up in the backyard for the taking. Dinner on a leash. I wish I could have a hunt that easy.

This video shows a mountain lion outside someone’s home with their small dog standing in the window in an intense stare off.

The mountain lion with a killer look in its eyes moves in so close only the glass is between them as the dog and lion stand face-to-face.

The lion even touches the glasses to understand why it can’t just snag the dog as the owner begins to panic.

The little dog doesn’t flinch as the cougar goes back and forth before deciding to take off.

I guess the little lad could be a guard dog…

It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, its about the size of the fight in the dog.

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