Reporter Flames LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly After He Complains They’re Late: “Maybe If You’ll Win, I’ll Be On Time”

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And just like that, the Brian Kelly at LSU hype has disappeared quicker than a pot of gumbo at Coach Orgeron’s house.

LSU fans were doing backflips and smiling from ear to ear when they heard that Brian Kelly was leaving Notre Dame to take over the football head coaching job at LSU.

How could they not?

Kelly is a known winner who turned around a Notre Dame program that was at rock bottom compared to the school’s historic success at football, and has taken them to a couple of College Football Playoffs, and even a National Championship game.

Of course, there were concerns of how Kelly would adapt to the deep southern Cajun culture in Baton Rouge, considering the guy has a reputation for being a stoic asshole at times.

He tried to make it work. He really did.

When Kelly spoke with LSU fans for the first time, he tried to pull off the worst southern accent I’ve ever heard, and also attempted to dance to Garth Brooks’ “Callin’ Baton Rouge” with one of their blue chip recruits for a hype video.

However, he may have lost a few fans after Sunday night’s brutal 24-23 loss to the Florida State Seminoles, a game where they had multiple chances to take control, but continuously shot themselves in the foot.

After the game, his top wide receivers Kayshon Boutte and Malik Nabers wiped their Instagram accounts clean and took away any connection with LSU on social media at all, and things are already looking bleak after week one.

And to make matters worse, he got absolutely flamed by a member of the media during a press conference yesterday.

A group of media members straggled into the conference late, and Kelly called them out, saying:

“We’ll open it up to this late arriving media crowd that must’ve enjoyed the weekend. That’s usually $10 that we put in the kitty… we’ll have a big bash at the end of the year at my place.”

It was a poor attempt by Kelly to be funny, and the media member had the ultimate comeback:

“Maybe if you’ll win, I’ll be on time.”


Even the media has lost respect for the guy after week one.

Needless to say, it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out for Kelly and the rest of LSU.

I mean, did we really expect THIS to go well…

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