Watch Josh Abbott & Kacey Musgraves Duet, “Oh, Tonight” At An Austin, Texas Restaurant Way Back In 2011

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Reason number 46,297 why I want to move to Texas…

Because you could be sitting down at a restaurant and next thing you know, two aspiring country singers sit down, play a heater, and you don’t think nothing of it.

Until… years later.

Little did this crowd know at Freddie’s Place in Austin, Texas back in 2011 that the girl singing in front of them would end up being one of the most accomplished artists the country music world has ever seen.

And Josh Abbott, with two RIAA Gold-Certified singles, they’re one of the most successful independent country bands in the business, an absolute cornerstone of the modern-day Texas country music scene.

But back in 2011, Kacey Musgraves and Josh Abbott sat down at this lunch spot in Austin, Texas, to perform their killer duet, “Oh, Tonight,” off of the Josh Abbott Band’s iconic 2010 sophomore album, She’s Like Texas. 

Just to put things into perspective, Musgraves hadn’t even released her debut album yet at this point, and Josh Abbott Band was just beginning make some noise in the country music world.

Everything is perfect about this video. From the killer harmonies between Abbott and Musgraves, the faces of the people sitting at the restaurant, and the kids looking on in awe.

There’s also a funny moment when a toddler walks up and tries to grab the fiddle player’s bow as he’s closing out the song with the final riff.

It’s also pretty wild to see how young Musgraves and Abbott look in this video with no idea what the future would hold for their careers. These days, Kacey has trophy case that would rival just about anybody with 6 Grammy wins, 7 CMA Awards, 4 ACMs, and more.

The video perfectly portrays everything that country music is about. Just good times and good music with friends, and songs that’ll make time nearly come to a stop while listening to them.

It’s still one of the best videos on the internet.

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