New York Woman Fights Off Attack From Rabid Fox, Punts It Like A Football

Fox attack

You know what they always tell you growing up…

If an animal looks sick, stay as far away from it as possible.

But what if the animal runs up behind you and attacks you? Nightmare fuel.

Ed Russo, a meteorologist from CBS 21 out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, shared a video on social media of his cousin getting viciously attacked by a rabid fox outside of a home in Ithaca, New York.

She appears to be on the phone, and the rabid fox charges at her from behind, and begins to bite the lower part of her leg.

The woman attempts to kick the fox off her leg, but the fox is hanging on like there is no tomorrow, and it wasn’t gonna go down without a fight.

She even has to pick it up and throw it off, and it appears the fox bites her in the finger in the process.

Finally, a man shows up on the scene to swat the vicious creature away with a stick, but the damage had already been done at that point, and the fox ran off into the woods.

Russo shared in a follow up post that she was able to get treated immediately, and was able to recover from her injuries. The attack happened a few weeks prior.

According to the Mayo Clinic, if you are ever bit by a rabid animal, be sure to clean the wound and immediately contact or drive to a hospital.

Treatment typically relies on a various number of shots, and is recoverable if treated immediately. However, if the rabies goes untreated, it will typically result in death.

Props to this woman though. She fought off the vicious creature like a true champ… and that last kick at the end there? Gotta love it.

Unfortunately, those rabies shots are no joke… get well soon ma’am.

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