Fisherman Catches Big Ol’ Sockeye Salmon With His Bare Hands

Sockeye Salmon

That’s one way to do it.

I don’t know what it is about catching a big ol’ fish with your bare hands. I would say it’s the feeling of being able to say one did it, the feeling of being able to think enough like a fish that you can sneak up on one and get ahold of it with nothing but your bare hands.

We go out and throw many different beautiful and appetizing lures and baits for tons of money just in hopes of hooking into one. To grab one is the ultimate feat and a superior fishing move. It seems simple, but the opportunity to do it is rare on its own. T

hen being able to actually get the job done is a whole other feat…

We aren’t talking about any ol’ fish here either. We are talking about Alaskan Sockeye Salmon.

A highly sought-after fish, known for its speed and power. Sure, when the come into the river to spawn, they lose some of that juice that they once had and become less energized as the literally being to disintegrate after spawning, but the little bit of life in them still shows a lot of short bursts that make it hard to grab onto them.

As this group of fishermen were out for a day of catching some big fish, this man came up on a sockeye just idling in the current of the river.

He decided to try what any fisherman would and sneak up behind it. As he gets close he actually reaches down, gets ahold of the thing and pulls the fish right out of the water. He shows his buddies as they all laugh in disbelief before letting the fish go.

This is one of the many popular fishing tales that is rarely caught on camera. Everyone knows someone who claims to have done it, but usually there’s little proof and it is not believed.

This man has it all on video and has a fishing story to tell his buddies for the rest of his life.

Channeling his inner grizzly bear.

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