Koe Wetzel Says ’90s Country Album Is 100% Happening: “I’ve Been Writing A Lot For It”

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Long live ’90s country.

And it sounds like we might have Koe Wetzel’s take on that glorious sound and golden decade of country music sooner rather than later.

He stopped by the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast this week for a great (and very funny) conversation that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already, but he also gave us an update on the music he’s been cookin’ up that I’m just itching to finally get to hear.

He confirmed that a collaboration with Diplo and Kodak Black IS coming in the form of a rock song, in addition to a song he’s featured on with Jelly Roll.

He also confirmed that his new song “Creeps” will be coming few weeks, too.

So yeah, a lot of great stuff to look forward to from Koe.

The Texas rockstar just turned 30 last month, and of course, it left people wanting that country record ASAP:

“Everybody’s like, ‘You said you were gonna put out a country record when you were 30, it’s been like two months!'”

And he promised us that it’s coming and he will be putting a country album out, but he didn’t quite mean it would be released the literal day he turned 30:

“And I meant it, I am gonna put out a country record, but it’s not, I mean, I didn’t mean literally the day I turned 30 I was gonna put it out.

So everybody’s like all pissed off, they’re like, ‘Oh, he’s fake, he tells lies to everybody, you know. He said he was gonna put one out when he was 30, it’s been like 38 days’ or some shit.

It is happening, and shit it might be honestly when I’m 31, but whatever. As long as it’s around that time.”

And not only that, but he’s been talking to his friend and fellow artist Parker McCollum about writing and how he wants to approach that aspect of the record:

“I was talkin’ to Parker the other day, and I was like, ‘man, I’m gonna need your help with this country shit.’ I was like, ‘I haven’t wrote a country song in forever.’

And he was like, ‘what you need is another ‘Love,’ you know, another love song, another ‘Lubbock,’ or something like that.'”

But possibly the best part is that he wants to pull from the ’90s country sound that he grew up on, and I don’t think I could ask for anything more than a Koe, ’90s country-style album…

And he plans to make it as authentic as possible, so for anyone that thinks he doesn’t respect country or care about the genre, check this out:

“I’ve been writing a lot for it, but like I said, I want it to be like a ’90s country man, just kinda everything that I grew up on, you know, shit like that.

For it to be authentic, not, you know, just a bunch of bullshit.

And if we go in and we cut the record and it sounds like I’m forcing something, then I’m not gonna put it out, because I have respect for the fans.”

Seriously, he said on the podcast that if it’s not up to par or it feels off or forced in any way, all the people that said he wasn’t gonna do it will be proven right:

“I’m not gonna put something that I’m not comfortable with out.

If it does sound like some corny ass country shit, then I’m gonna be like, ‘You guys were f*cking right, I’m not definitely not putting this out.'”

Like my daddy always told me, don’t half-ass anything, and that’s never something we have to worry about with Koe.

He’s also mentioned before that he mainly wants to do this album for his mama, who raised him on classic and ’90s country, so I have a feeling we don’t really have to worry about it not being completely awesome in every way.

You can hear about the new country album that we’re all dying to hear around the 42:35 mark:



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Koe also told the guys the album that’s coming out first this year is Hell Paso, so now, the countdown is on and I’m just gonna keep replaying the teaser until “Creeps” finally drops:

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