Mississippi State Is Bringing Tailgating Inside The Stadium With New BYOB “The Balconies” Section

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We’ve recently saw that Mississippi State’s football team was offering Yellowstone star Cole Hauser’s son Ryland a scholarship, but this latest piece of news is even better than that…

The school recently announced that they would be renovating certain parts of the stadium to give select fans one of the coolest ways to take in a game, mixing the live atmosphere of being there with the glories of tailgating.

Introducing, “The Balconies”

A total of 22 sections, 11 on each side, are being designed to allow fans space to walk around and have some freedom during the game, which is already a step up from being crammed in next to some sweaty strangers, but here’s the real kicker.

You can bring your own food and drinks.

You heard that right, it’s BYOB at Davis Wade Stadium.

Each section will be provided with 2 bags of ice as well as outlets for minifridges and other beverage cooling devices. You can bring your own food or coordinate with in stadium vendors for catering, as well as decorate the section to show your school pride.

AD John Cohen had this to say about the project.

“There’s so many special things that have happened in that facility, and we love that facility, but it needs some work, just like Humphrey Coliseum needed some work. We want to make it better for our fans who have been there through thick and thin.”

Thick and thin is right, as the Bulldogs have only finished a season ranked in the AP Top 25 three times since 2000.

But come on, can you imagine grabbing a section with your buddies, loading up the coolers with a ton of ice-cold Busch Lights and partying your ass off throughout the game? It’s a dream come true, honestly…

No more $15 warm draft beers up there…

Given the limited space available, sections are being sold to those who make at least a $2,700 donation to the Bulldog Club as well as purchase at least 8 season tickets, so while most college students probably won’t get a chance to partake, those willing to shell out a few bucks (Okay, quite a few bucks) can have the experience of a lifetime.

I hope more stadiums start doing a version of this.

When I hit the lottery, I’m so in.

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A beer bottle on a dock