Casey Donahew Puts A Little Texas Twang On Kip Moore’s Unreleased Fan-Favorite, “Telling On My Heart”

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Zack Morris

Now this is a helluva pair.

Casey Donahew dropped a great new album Built Different back in March, which features a fan-favorite unreleased Kip Moore original called “Telling on My Heart” on the tracklist.

Of course, Casey is a legend in the Texas music scene and has been at it for two decades now, and Kip is one of the best and most talented musicians in all of mainstream country music, so it’s awesome to see these two team up in this capacity.

And Casey recently shared a photo of the two of them in the studio together when he recorded the track, also sharing that it came it at #1 this week on the True Indie Radio chart, which is pretty damn cool:

“‘Telling on My Heart’ is coming in this week at #1 on the True Indie Radio Chart!!

Thanks to Kip Moore for sending this song to me and a big thanks to all you for buying, streaming & requesting it!”

I’d love to see plenty more Texas artists teaming up with Kip like this in the future, too. I think his writing style and sound would fit in so well with most of the Texas guys we all know and love from the Lone Star state:

About a guy who has too much to drink and starts spilling all his hopes and dreams to the girl he’s with, “Telling on My Heart” is based on a simple concept that a lot of people will relate to and understand, which is why fans have been begging Kip to record it on an official album for years.

He’s been teasing a new album for a while now, so who knows, maybe he’ll record it for himself, too.

Here’s Kip playing it at an acoustic show a while back, which of course is my all-time favorite version of this song:

And Casey’s studio cut… a little Texas twang is just what this song needed:

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