Two Monster Bull Moose Lock Horns In The Kind Of Battle Hunters Dream Of Seeing

Bull moose

Now that’s a lot of antler smashing going on.

This is one every moose lover would die to see and one that any person can truly appreciate.

Two massive animals going head-to-head in a fight over who is the most manly of them. It’s the act that hunters try to mimic in order to draw in a big ol’ bull.

Moose are just incredible, bulls can weigh up to 1,600 pounds. There’s no doubt both of these fellas are over 1,000. Their antlers are unlike others around North America, with the massive paddle style that they grow.

Even more these animals have some of the best tasting wild meat out there.

What’s not to love?

This video out of Alaska shows two amazing bulls going at it over a cow. It has to be one of the best fights caught on camera, and surely, one of the highest quality.

The moose are seen making noise and calling each other into each other. They go make there way to standing face-to-face and sizing up their opponent. After a good dramatic build up they lock antlers and start pushing back and forth.

The sound of their antlers banging of each other is something you just love to hear.

The moose square off for a while until the larger one pushes of the other. As it runs away and stops you can see it breathing heavily.

That’s right buddy, take a break after that big battle.

The group filming summed up the start of it all up even have named these moose they were documenting.

“Left Hook finally returned to the valley and planted himself in 22’s territory. We could see 22 a half mile away, bedded. He got up and started his slow/deliberate walk, grunting the whole way, audible across the valley despite the raging creek waters.

He turned and headed up toward us, we knew Left Hook was somewhere in the hemlocks after a cow, but were waiting in a clearing in case he came out again. 22 started wagging from downhill, and then from the hemlocks came Left Hook, also wagging.

Left Hook stopped to rake, and we knew this could erupt”


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