Kolby Cooper Announces Major Label Debut Album, ‘Boy From Anderson County To The Moon’

Kolby Cooper country music
Gabriel Muniz

Last year, Kolby Cooper made his major label debut with BBR Music Group with his Boy From Anderson County EP, a huge milestone for the youngster from Palestine, Texas.

It’s been impressive to see how far Cooper has come in only a few short years, practically turning into an overnight sensation in the Lone Star State, to signing a major label and becoming a household name with his perfect combination of rock & roll and country music.

With that being said, the man is ready to crank things up another notch, as he’s announced his official album debut with BBR Music Group, titled Boy From Anderson County To The Moon, slated to drop on Friday, August 19th.

The new album will feature a few cuts from the Boy From Anderson County EP, like smash hits “Excuses” and “Good For You,” along with his most recent single “Breaking News,” so it’s good to know there will be a number of hits already on the project.

Nevertheless, ol’ Kolby has proven that he can hang with the big boys, and it oughta be interesting to see what he has cookin’ up for this new stage of his music career.

Check out the full track-list below:

1. “Are We On Fire” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker)
2. “Excuses” (Kolby Cooper, Brett Tyler, Jordan Walker)
3. “Breaking News” (Kolby Cooper, Troy Verges, Jake Mitchell)
4. “Storm’s Coming” (Kolby Cooper, Brett Tyler, Ross Cooperman, Michael Hardy)
5. “Woke Up Hungover” (Kolby Cooper, Hunter Phelps, Brent Anderson)
6. “Stars Fall Down” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker, Jacob Davis)
7. “Way To Go” (Kolby Cooper, Mike Walker, Josh Jenkins)
8. “Just A Door” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker)
9. “This Song Don’t Make No Sense” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker, Matt McKinney)
10. “Her Favorite Songs” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker, Jacob Davis)
11. “Good For You” (Kolby Cooper, Jameson Rodgers, Brent Anderson)
12. “Boy From Anderson County” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker)
13. “To The Moon” (Kolby Cooper, Thomas Archer, Jordan Walker, Ray Fulcher)

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