Donald Trump Releases Statement About Biden Catching COVID: “I Wish You A Speedy Recovery, Even Though You Are Taking America In The Wrong Direction”

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Incase ya haven’t heard, the biggest news from the White House here recently is the fact that President Joe Biden has tested positive for COVID-19.

Of course, President Biden is masked, vaccinated and boosted up as much as anybody on Earth, so it comes as a massive surprise that he even contracted it in the first place.

Needless to say, that clip didn’t age well…

But naturally, ol’ former president Donald Trump took this as a perfect opportunity to chime in on the current President of the United States, as he likes to do.

He sent out the following message:

“Joe Biden, who many have said is our worst President, has come down with a case of the China virus, despite being vaccinated.

I hope Sleepy Joe is able to bounce back quickly, much as I was. Doctors described my fight against the China virus as Herculean, and not meaning the woke Disney Hercules but rather the Kevin Sorbo one. The Lou Ferrigno one as well. 

Joe, I wish you a speedy recovery, even though you are taking America in the wrong direction. No one wants Kamala!”

Sheesh, the man not only took his shot at President Biden, but threw Disney in there like a chestnut roasting over an open fire in there as well, AND Vice President Kamala Harris.

Joe Rogan Calls Donald Trump A “Man Baby”

Despite often times being mislabeled as “alt-right,” I think it’s safe to say that Joe Rogan is not a Donald Trump fan.

A couple weeks back, the man explained to Lex Fridman that he would never have Trump on his podcast, and has no intention to “help him,” citing his divisiveness as the reason behind his decision.

This came as a surprise to many people, considering he takes a lot of heat from social media for “right-wing” conservative values, as well as the fact that he said he would like to see Florida governor Ron DeSantis in office next term.

Nevertheless, he’s once again weighed in on the former President Trump in one of his recent podcasts with comedian Tom Segura.

Segura kicked things off by saying:

“The thing that is incredible about that guy is that, you know, I’m saying even when you watch him as president, he was full of fucking energy… full of it every day. And they said he slept like four hours a night. He’s one of those people.”

Rogan responded by saying:

He’s on Adderall. Do you think he’s on Adderall?”

Segura agreed:

“Yes, I do… only because there were multiple people who used to work on ‘The Apprentice’ that were like, ‘He was fucking gassed up for shoots.’

Yeah. Cause he has trouble reading. He doesn’t — he would struggle to read prompter or script when he was just, uh, let’s say ‘sober.’ So they would give him that and he would dial in more on reading.”

He also said he believed Trump did the same thing during his presidency:

“He would get bored at the CIA briefing in the mornings. He would like, ‘I don’t wanna read that.’”

Rogan then hilariously said:

“I heard they would put his name in briefings multiple times to keep him interested.”

Segura then told a story about Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and how he figured out a way to keep his father-in-law engaged at all times:

“He came up with a formula to keep him engaged, he obviously was close to him and knew him well and the formula was um, like two good, one bad. So if they were gonna give him bad news … you start with some good news.

So they go, ‘This is going well, everybody’s thrilled with you about this. Here’s a bad thing. Also people love you for this.’”

Rogan laughed the story off, and responded:

“Of course… he’s a man baby.”

Segura agreed:

“He’s a fucking toddler.”

Joe Rogan… not a Trump guy.

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