Joe Rogan Says He Declined To Have Donald Trump On His Podcast Multiple Times: “I’m Not Interested In Helping Him”

Joe Rogan Lex Fridman

If you were convinced that Joe Rogan was a massive Donald Trump supporter, think again.

He recently mentioned on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast that if he had to decide at the moment who he would want running the country, he would choose Florida republican governor Ron DeSantis.

However, when it comes to Trump, he has a different opinion.

He recently sat down for an episode of his good friend and frequent podcast guest Lex Fridman’s podcast, and confessed that he would not have Trump on his show. He told Lex (who disagreed) that he’s turned down opportunities to have him on:

“I am not a Trump supporter, in any way, shape or form. I have had the opportunity to have him on my show, more than once, and I have said no every time. 

I don’t want to help him, I’m not interested in helping him.”

Rogan cited the division in the country from the Trump era to current day stems from the former president:

“It is already a weird time, post-Trump. The Trump era is also going to be one of the weirder times when people look back historically about the division in this country.”

He also mentioned that Trump’s run in office created so much division, that people “abandoned their own ethics and morals” in order to criticize him, and says he portrays an “existential threat to democracy itself.”

But if you think he’s a Biden fan, that’s not the case either.

He added:

“He is going to run again, things are going to get weirder, he is running against a dead man. 

Biden shakes hands with people that aren’t even there when he gets off stage, I think he is seeing ghosts.

Did you see him on Jimmy Kimmel the other day? He was just rambling… If he was anyone else, a Republican, if it was Donald Trump doing that, every f*cking talk show would be screaming for him to be off the air.”

Rogan is not officially affiliated with any party, however he said he would probably vote for Bernie Sanders back in 2020 primary election. Granted, at the time most people called that an endorsement and Joe denied that it was.

Here’s a clip of their conversation on Trump and Biden:

Here’s the full episode:

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